‘Asbos’ given to 1903 hard-drinking Britons | London

A series of black and white police mugshots from 1903 show how boozed-up Britons were the scourge of society.

The then new technology was used to prevent ‘habitual drunkards’ – as they were referred to back in the twentieth century – from being served in London’s hostelries.

The mugshots were taken and circulated under the 1902 Licensing Act by the Met to pubs, similar to modern-day Asbos.

The photos from The National Archives at Kew will go on display there at an event on October 27.

Women made up the majority of the problem boozers, with 217 blacklisted, compared with 122 men.

David Langrish, of The National Archives, said the pictures were a ‘powerful and emotional reminder of how tough life could be for some sections of society’.

Source : http://www.itv.com/news/london/2017-09-22/asbos-given-to-1903-hard-drinking-britons/