Londoners named most selfless people for random acts of kindness such as tipping, feeding the homeless and helping stranded motorists

You might not think it if you commute on public transport or drive on the roads, but people in London have been named the most selfless in the country.

This is despite Londoners rating themselves as among the least friendly.

A survey of 2,000 people around the UK by credit card brand MBNA asked how they would act in certain altruistic scenarios, such as giving food to the homeless and helping the elderly cross a road.

Londoners were found to be the most generous tippers, with one in eight adding on 15 per cent of the bill and almost half (48 per cent) giving 10 per cent.

People in the capital are also the most likely to stop and help if they saw a broken down car on the motorway (62 per cent) and the most generous when it comes to giving food to the homeless (64 per cent).

Residents of London are twice as likely any other place in the UK (34 per cent) to purchase something for the next person in line, such as at a coffee shop.

And apparently 66 per cent of capital dwellers would lend you their brolly when it’s raining,

On the flipside, Londoners rate themselves among the least friendly people in the country, with just 27 per cent scoring the people in the capital between eight and 10 for friendliness.

Inhabitants of the north east decided they were the most amiable.

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