Mary Portas opens upmarket Bermondsey Street charity shop [25 September 2017]

Retail expert Mary Portas this month opened a new charity shop in Bermondsey Street as part of her collaboration with Save the Children.

The Bermondsey Street store is the 23rd Mary’s Living and Giving Shop to open since 2009.

“There are bargains in there you won’t get anywhere else,” said Ms Portas as she performed the opening ceremony on Bermondsey Street Festival day.

“This is about the community; it’s about you giving; it’s about us giving; it’s about thinking about the way we live, recycling and giving back to those who have less than us.

“So for Save the Children – all those children in the world who are suffering – this shop is for them 100 per cent.”

Mary Portas is no stranger to Bermondsey Street; in 2012 she took part in Channel 4’s Hotel GB at Bermondsey Square.

Mary’s Living & Giving Shop for Save the Children is at 90 Bermondsey Street, occupying the former premises of Amanda Thompson Couture who moved out earlier this year, citing a hefty rent increase. Thompson is now opening a new shop in Notting Hill.

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