Row erupts over noisy supermarket air-con units making neighbours’ lives ‘a living nightmare’

Luxury flat owners are up in arms after noisy air conditioning units at a neighbouring Polish supermarket forced them to sleep in their hallways.

Residents of Norwich House, in Streatham High Road, said their homes had become a “living nightmare” since the owners of Miesko installed 13 units without planning permission.

Neighbours, who claim to be “stressed and permanently close to tears”, say they have not had a full nights’ sleep since the retailer opened in July.

Rita Congera, who lives in a second floor apartment, told the Standard that she was now forced to sleep on cushions in her hallways to avoid the noise.

One bedroom flats in the complex, which was refurbished in August 2015, are on sale for around £345,000.

Complaints: Rita Congera and a safety officer outside Mieszko (Malcolm Clark/Twitter)

The PR worker, who is based in the City, said: “I’ve not slept in my bedroom for months, this has had an impact on every aspect of my life.

“I work long hours and I need to sleep. I avoid going home as much as I can and spend weekends with my family in the West Midands.

“This has turned my first home into a living nightmare.”

Josh Wait, 26, who lives with his partner Rebecca on the third floor, said the pair had been unable to open their windows since the shop opened.

The account manager added: “You lie awake at night because you’re waiting for it to click back on after 30 seconds of respite.

Backlash: Norwich House residents have been forced to sleep in their hallways (Malcolm Clark)

“We haven’t been able to open our windows because you’re stuck between having to listening to the unbearable buzzing or being far too hot. 

“You should be able to have a breeze in your own home.”

Lambeth councillor Malcolm Clark said the owners of the store had failed to act despite being issued with fines and enforcement notices.

He told the Standard: “The owner of Mieszko has failed to act despite repeated warnings, enforcement notices and even fines from the council. 

“Enough is enough; which is why I am glad the council is pursuing both a community safety prosecution and further planning enforcement action too.”

Cllr Mohammed Seedat added: “We are in contact with the property owners to emphasise their obligations to neighbours, and to highlight the sanctions that will result from any failure to act.

“As a result the property owner has pledged to cut the noise caused by the business’s air conditioning units. The council is now assessing if the plans proposed are sufficient, and how quickly this work can be completed.” 

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Representatives from Mieszko claim planning consultants were immediately appointed as soon as residents complained.

They added that a report from an acoustic engineer had been submitted to the council.

A spokesman for Miezsko Streatham Ltd said: “Mieszko Streatham Ltd has been given until October 6 to submit planning application. 

“In the meantime Mieszko Streatham Ltd has taken immediate steps in switching of most of the units stop noise from 7pm to 10am.  

“We always work with local community to make sure we bring the economic and social benefit to them. 

“We took the complaint very serious and doing everything we can do to comply the law and welfare of local residents.”

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