Three quarters of young Londoners have witnessed sexual harassment on night out, poll finds | London

Three quarters of young adults in London have witnessed some form of sexual harassment on a night out, according to new figures.

A YouGov survey of 18 to 24-year-olds who drink in pubs, bars or clubs found that 75% had seen harassment first-hand.

The numbers, taken from a poll of 186 people, are even higher than the national average – where 72% of those questions claimed to have had similar experiences.

The findings come after charity Drinkaware argued sexual harassment was becoming “part and parcel” of a night out.

Drinkaware is encouraging revellers to speak out if they witness harassment as they aim to curb unwanted drunken sexual behaviour.

In the poll, conducted between June and July, 48% of men and women in London revealed they had been subject to sexual harassment – including comments and touching.

And 72% said they expected a female friend to be the subject of such behaviour on a night out.

In England as a whole, 72% of people said they had witnessed the issue themselves.

One woman from the capital, Lucy Harrison, said she had witnessed sexual harassment on a night out several times, and had even stepped in to defend friends from unwanted behaviour.

“Unfortunately this kind of thing happens a lot in clubs,” she said.

“I’ve had nights out where guys have been dancing right up against me or touching me in ways that I don’t want.

“When this has happened I’ve either left early or asked a friend to stand between me and the person who’s behaving inappropriately.”

Janet MacKechnie, Campaign Lead for Drinkaware, said: “For far too many people, drunken sexual harassment is now sadly part and parcel of a night out.

“Being drunk is no excuse to grab, grope or make inappropriate comments to strangers on a night out after a few drinks

“If people see someone being sexually harassed, asking them if they are OK can make a big difference – whether they’re a friend or a stranger.”

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