City banker to run seven marathons spanning every continent… in just one week

A City banker will push his body to the limit in an attempt to complete seven marathons spanning every continent in just one week.

Scott Coey, 46, a BNY Mellon managing director, will run in the Antarctic Circle before undertaking consecutive 26.2-mile slogs in South Africa, Australia, the UAE, Spain, Colombia and Miami within seven days.

The Balham-based Australian, who has completed 18 Iron Man triathlons, said he is willing to suffer his body “deteriorating” to raise money for the cancer charity helping his family.

Mr Coey said: “My friends said if I did a marathon again they would not bother to sponsor me, so I went to find the most extreme thing possible.

“We will be going from -20 degrees celsius to 22 degrees celsius after the first run. It will take every ounce of energy and 100 per cent focus at all times.

“The human body is not really meant to do this… If you run a marathon in around four hours, you burn around 1,000 to 1,200 calories an hour. Your body needs 2,500 calories a day to survive, so you are always going to be in deficit because there is just no way over the seven days you can put 6,500 calories in your body non-stop. The best thing you can do is slow down the deterioration on your body.

“But I don’t mind, because the purpose of this from my perspective is to pick something as extreme as possible to raise money for a very important charity. The guys at Breast Cancer Haven have done a lot for me personally, and for family members around me, with regards to getting people through breast cancer.

“I am spending 50 hours on the plane, and that is about the amount of time someone spends in chemo and cryotherapy on average, so when I sit back and look at what I am doing and relate it to what family and friends have gone through, it will make it a lot easier. I think of it as my turn to hurt so other people can recover quicker.”

The banker even asked if he could run the Antarctic race freezing in a “mankini” because a friend promised to match all donations if he did, but was informed he “would not last half an hour”.

He will consume more than 8,000 calories in gels and food, and do recovery exercises on the chartered plane flying the 50 runners from country to country in an attempt to stay healthy, but believes the biggest challenge will be “the mental side” of the “777” marathon trial, as not having the support of fans – unlike at the London marathon – will make it harder.

The trip is entirely self-funded and all money raised will go to Breast Cancer Haven.

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