Italian prince died after sudden swerve in front of lorry while riding banned bike, inquest told

An Italian prince was killed after “suddenly” overtaking a lorry at a busy central London junction on a fixed-wheel bike, an inquest heard today.

Business student Filippo Corsini, 21, was dragged under the front of the 50ft-long lorry near Knightsbridge tube station in October 2016.

He was the heir to an Italian dynasty that stretches back to the Middle Ages and includes 18th century Pope Clemente XII, who commissioned Rome’s Trevi Fountain.

Senior Coroner Fiona Wilcox, sitting at Westminster Coroners Court, heard Mr Corsini had “peddled extra fast” to overtake and Thomas Dose, driving the left-hand drive German truck, had “no chance.”

Witness Brian Morey, 72, a black cab driver, told the hearing: “I noticed he was peddling extra fast. He was on the outside of the lorry and sort of just got ahead of it.

“All of a sudden he made a left turn across the front of the vehicle that shocked me.

“Because of the angle, of course the lorry would catch him. It caught his back of the bike, which went up in the air and threw the rider to the road.”

He said the bike disappeared under the lorry, along with Mr Corsini, before the vehicle came to a stop.

Mr Morey said: “The bike disappeared under the front of the lorry but by this time I could not see the rider. It had obviously gone over him. I don’t think the lorry driver had a chance.”

Mr Corsini was pronounced dead at the scene.

The cyclist was riding a fixed gear bike which is not road legal, according to police investigator PC David Keen.

He said: “The bike has a fixed gear and no front brake. In order to slow or speed up he has to use resistance in his legs.

“The nature of this type of cycle could have made it more difficult to slow down or speed up.”

The hearing continues

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