BAFTA formally expels Harvey Weinstein over sexual assault claims

BAFTA has expelled Harvey Weinstein, after suspending him last year over allegations of sexual assault.

The academy issued a statement on Friday saying that the disgraced movie mogul’s membership had been terminated “effective immediately”.

The statement read: ““Following the suspension of Harvey Weinstein’s BAFTA membership in October 2017, BAFTA has formally terminated his membership, effective immediately.

“The termination is the result of a process laid out in BAFTA’s constitution.”

The academy said that although it had benefited from Weinstein’s support for its charitable work, his alleged behaviour was “completely unacceptable and incompatible with BAFTA’s values”.

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Police in the US and UK are investigating allegations of rape and sexual assault against Weinstein, once one of Hollywood’s most powerful players.

Scores of women, including well-known actresses, have accused Weinstein of sexual assault or harassment.

He has been fired by the film company he founded with his brother Bob and expelled from Hollywood’s movie academy.

The 65-year-old has “unequivocally denied” all allegations of non-consensual sex through a representative.

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