Steven Caulker: How Premier League wages fed the former England player’s gambling addiction | London

Steven Caulker trains but has no club. Woking Leisure Centre isn’t the place you’d expect to meet a footballer who has played at the highest level.

On the pitch he was celebrating scoring for England but off it Steven Caulker was dealing with mental health issues.

His Premier League wages began feeding a gambling addiction. Caulker admits squandering 70 per cent of his football fortune on betting.

And then came the drinking.

In his darkest moments, filled with what he describes as self loathing he even contemplated suicide.

Steven Caulker is now tea total and hasn’t placed a bet in almost a year.

Released by QPR in the summer, Caulker is keeping fit while trying to find a new club.

It’s been a difficult journey but Caulker is ready to come out of the shadows and step back into the game.

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