The Plant-Based Menu At W6 Garden Centre Cafe Is Coming Up Roses

Robert Greene

The Plant-Based Menu At W6 Garden Centre Cafe Is Coming Up Roses

West Six Garden Centre and Cafe, Hammersmith


There’s something wholesome and, dare we say, romantic, about eating in a garden centre, even on a rainy day. Set in the small but pretty W6 Garden Centre, this café is a taste of that at-one-with-nature experience that urban nine-to-fivers salivate over.

The two-sided menu is unpretentiously simple, designed around what are often termed ‘food fads’: vegetarianism, veganism and gluten-free diets. Indeed, the overhaul of the cafe’s once meat-heavy menu was met with sizeable opposition from locals, our waiter tells us. That is, until they tasted the food, all of which is organic and locally-sourced; sometimes as local as the garden centre itself.

We start off with the celeriac soup and the beetroot salad, on our waiter’s recommendation. The nourishing soup is a welcome remedy to a sullen Saturday afternoon. The beetroot salad is a colourful fusion of roasted sunchokes, chopped chicory and chunky beetroot, drizzled with a piquant blackcurrant dressing and topped with cream cheese — a delightful mix of flavours and textures.

For our main, we order the tamari mushrooms on toast and the signature burger. The tamari-infused mushrooms are wonderfully aromatic, balanced nicely by the subtle sweetness from the ricotta cheese. The sweet potato and black bean burger is also very tasty, if a little mushy.

We skip pudding, though the cafe does offer a tempting selection of baked goods. And while selling the plant-based menu to locals was no bed of roses, we suspect it is coming up roses now.

W6 Garden Centre Cafe, 17 Ravenscourt Avenue, W6 0SL

Last Updated 02 February 2018

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