Shepherd’s Bush flooding: Engineers battle to repair ‘massive hole’ left by major deluge on Goldhawk Road

Workers are battling this weekend to restore normality to the busy street that was turned “into a river” when a water main burst.

Thames Water engineers are working throughout the weekend and into next week to patch up Goldhawk Road after a leak wreaked major disruption.

A spokeswoman said: “There was a large water pipe to repair and they’re getting the road back to normal.”

The work now involves filling in the “massive hole” left in the street by the rupture as well as restoring road markings, she said.

Several businesses were unable to open (Kieran Cassie)

It is not yet known if the disaster, which closed off large sections of Goldhawk Road and Hammersmith Grove, was linked to a leak at King Street a mile away just a few days beforehand.

“It’s too early to say but there will be an investigation into both incidents,” the spokeswoman said.

Several shops and businesses were unable to open on Wednesday after the rupture at 2.46am, with some residents reportedly stranded by the rising floodwater.

Engineers fought through the morning to locate the source of the leak and bring it under control, with Thames Water shipping in bottled water for those left without a supply.

Shepherd’s Bush flooding – ‘major’ deluge on Goldhawk Road

Brackenbury Primary School was closed, and Goldhawk Road shut for several hundred metres between the station and Sycamore Gardens. Hammersmith Grove was also closed down to Astrop Terrace.

Resident Jayden Wright, 25, said at the time: “It’s a nightmare. The water is gushing right outside my flat. I gave to get to work and other people have to get their kids to school, it’s total chaos.”

Londoners wake to deluge as burst main sparks ‘major’ flood

Norma Gomes, 47, waded through the waters in her bare feet to get to her job as a housekeeper.

She said: “I must get to work and if that means taking my shoes off then that’s what I have to do. It’s a cold wet start to the day though. The road has become a river.”

In the King Street leak the previous Friday, emergency workers were forced to use boats to rescue 70 people marooned after a mains pipe burst leaving the street under 20in of water. 

Repairs to the King Street pipe are also now expected to run into next week due to the scale of the damage caused to the road.

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