Activists ‘light up the night’ in support of survivors of sexual violence and sexual abuse

Activists marched across the Millennium Bridge carrying glow sticks to “light up the night” in solidarity with survivors of sexual violence.

The dazzling ‘Light Up the Night’ event marked the start of the annual Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week, which brings together organisations and communities to raise awareness of the two issues.

And the march across the Millennium Bridge aimed to “shine a light” on sexual abuse and violence by encouraging Londoners to walk with glow sticks aloft.

“Join us as we shine a light on sexual abuse and sexual violence by lighting up the Millennium Bridge in solidarity with survivors,” the event organisers wrote on Facebook.

The march took place between 6pm and 7pm as night fell over the River Thames.

Supporters of Survivors UK, a charity that supports sexually abused men, were among those who walked, undeterred by the chilly evening in the capital.

City of London Police also joined the event, handing out personal alarms and offering information in advance of the march.

The national campaign uses the hashtag #itsnotok to spark conversation and wider discussion around sexual abuse and violence.

In its fourth year, the campaign is supported by various police forces and rape, sexual abuse and sexual violence charities from across the UK, including the Metropolitan Police.

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