Hero black taxi driver refuses to accept money after rushing family across London to be with their dying daughter

A family have praised a hero cabbie who refused to accept payment for a fare when he rushed them across London to be with their dying daughter. 

Katy Shaw, 62, and her husband Chris, 65, were in Oxford Street when they received a panicked phone call from their daughter Izzy, 24, who had found her twin sister Olivia face down in her bed.

The couple immediately hailed a black cab and directed it back to their home in Herne Hill, south London, while on the phone to Izzy and paramedics.

But when they arrived, they received the heartbreaking news that Olivia had died.

While the cause of death is not clear, her family believe it could be due to an underlying heart condition. Post mortem results are expected this week.

Tragedy: Olivia Shaw’s parents fear she died of an undiagnosed heart condition

Mrs Shaw, a teacher, said: “We jumped in a taxi and kept calling home for news, and of course for that whole journey, the longer the resuscitation was being attempted the more we realised it wasn’t good.

“When we arrived back the paramedics were standing waiting for us.”

Mr Shaw, who is retired, added: “Throughout the journey, the taxi driver was very calm about saying “which way do you want me to go?”.

“He was really calm, going as fast as he could without endangering us or others. He was such a lovely guy.”

After the paramedics told the family Olivia had died, the taxi driver sobbed and refused to accept the fare.

Mrs Shaw said: “People always say that black cab drivers are too expensive or they do this or that but we were in such a state and he showed us so much compassion and how kindness can make a difference to other people, especially when they are in their darkest moments.

“I think he should be recognised generally by people for what he did and we thank him for being so generous to us.” 

The family have started a fundraising campaign for medical research into unexplained deaths in honour of Olivia, who graduated from the University of Essex with a psychology degree last year.

Source : https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/hero-london-taxi-driver-refuses-to-accept-money-after-rushing-family-across-london-to-be-with-their-a3757826.html