Queen’s swans from her Windsor flock feared to have died from bird flu | London

More than 20 of the Queen’s swans from her Windsor flock are feared to have died from bird flu.

The monarch, who technically owns all unmarked mute swans in open water in Britain, is being kept informed.

David Barber, The Queen’s Swan Marker, said 20 more of the wild flock, which averages around 200 birds, were seriously ill and also expected to die.

Scientists from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs are reportedly investigating the suspected case of H5N6 avian influenza, according to The Sun.

Mr Barber said results from the tests on the dead birds from the Windsor flock along the River Thames were expected to confirm bird flu.

Over 20 swans have died now and there’s a lot which are seriously ill which will die – well over 20 more.

We are deeply saddened by the loss of these swans. We’re waiting to hear from Defra, but yes it is bird flu. I’m sure the Queen would be concerned.
You cannot do anything about it. It will burn itself out. They’re wild birds and it is spread by wild birds and we’ve been very unlucky.

– David Barber, The Queen’s Swan Marker

Source : http://www.itv.com/news/london/2018-02-05/queens-swans-from-her-windsor-flock-feared-to-have-died-from-bird-flu/