London is second most congested city in Europe after Moscow | London

For the 10th year running London remained the UK’s most congested major city for the 10th year in a row, ranked 2nd in Europe after Moscow and 7th in the world overall. Drivers in London spent an average of 74 hours in gridlock during peak hours, an increase of one hour since last year.

This was calculated to cost each motorist £2,430 per year or £9.5 billion across the capital as a whole (up from £3.3bn in 2016).

The A406 from Chiswick Roundabout to Hanger Lane was identified as the UK’s most congested road. Motorists spent a total of 56 hours in congestion there in 2017.

Graham Cookson, Chief Economist for Inrix, said “combined with the rising price of motoring, the cost of congestion is astonishing – it takes billions out of the economy and impacts businesses and individuals alike”.

London’s Top 5 Most Congested Roads in 2017

Along with the capital, Manchester, Birmingham, Luton and Edinburgh made up the UK’s five most major congested cities. Drivers in Manchester spent 39 hours in congestion during peak hours, and 10% of their total drive time (peak and non-peak hours) in gridlock. This in turn cost each driver £1,403, and the city £345 million. Motorists in Birmingham spent over 9% of their total drive time in congestion last year, costing the city £632 million.

The most congested cities in the UK are

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