VIDEO: BBC newsreader Nicholas Owen misses his own news bulletin

Everyone’s late to office occasionally – you’ve slept in, misplaced your keys or fallen foul of the inevitable delays on the Circle Line – but in some jobs it’s quite difficult to slip in a few minutes late without being noticed.

There was certainly a lesson learned this week for BBC newsreader Nicholas Owen, who managed to miss the start of his own bulletin.

Viewers who tuned in for the headlines on Monday were treated to the usual BBC title sequence with a seemingly empty studio and chair.

After a brief pause, Owen slipped into shot and sat down, offering an apology for the “confusion”.

It initially appeared as though the presenter had arrived late for his appearance, but eagle-eyed viewers spotted that he was in fact standing in the studio when the opening sequence began but got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.


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This didn’t stop viewers having a good laugh at Owen’s expense, but the BBC felt the need to put the record straight.


In a statement it said: “Nick wasn’t late. After reading the headlines he moved across the studio to the big screen to present the top story standing up. However a technical glitch meant he couldn’t be seen there and he had to return to the desk, which was why there was a brief pause and a reference to a change of plan.”


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