Safer Schools police officer given final warning as he kneed 14-year-old pupil in the stomach | London

A police constable has received a final written warning after being found guilty of gross misconduct. The incident was when a 14-year-old schoolboy was pinned against a wall, kneed in the stomach and punched by an on-duty Safer Schools police officer during a playground game.

According to PC Kehinde Meshe, the schoolboy had been behaving in a “reckless and disruptive” manner, then refused to stop taking part in the game when asked. The PC then grabbed the boy by the arm, it was alleged, and pushed him against a wall, before kneeing him in the stomach.

When the boy reacted by hitting PC Meshe in the face, the officer punched him back and the altercation was broken up by school staff.

PC Kehinde Meshe, based within the Transformation Directorate, attended a public misconduct hearing to answer allegations that his conduct amounted to a breach of the Met’s standards of professional behaviour in respect of use of force, authority, respect and courtesy and discreditable conduct.

Having considered all the evidence, the panel, led by an independent chair, concluded that PC Meshe had acted without self-control and his use of force was wrong.

They accepted his previous good character and that this was an isolated lapse of judgement.

They found gross misconduct proven and issued a final written warning.

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