Keyboard warrior pretended to be 118 different people to try and have ‘nuisance’ cyclists banned from 30m stretch of street

A keyboard warrior has apparently been foiled trying to get cyclists banned from a London street.

An angry correspondent is thought to have sent 118 complaints in nine days from different computers demanding bikes be barred from a 30-metre stretch of road in the heart of Shoreditch which is home to hipster hotspots such as the restaurant Tramshed.

The unknown person wrote the series of almost identical messages to the local council including remarks that cyclists were “running rampant”, adding: “I walk regularly in the area and cyclists are a real nuisance.”

The batch of anonymous complaints were sent to Hackney Council during a consultation exercise about Garden Walk, which it proposed closing to car traffic.

The responses were sent from just four IP addresses, all along the theme that the road should be closed not only to car traffic but also bikes.

Some 68 of the complaints were lodged from one computer over the course of nine days with a further 50 sent from three more IPs. 

The 118 suspicious entries made up most of the sum total of 173 received by the council in response to the consultation.

Although Hackney’s investigating officer said the entries could have been lodged from four computers by one person acting on behalf of 118 people, it said that would be “highly unusual”.

Row breaks out over plan to ban cyclists from 15-mile stretch of road

Transport chief Councillor Feryal Demirci told the Hackney Gazette: “It is very unusual to receive 100 almost identical responses, especially as none of them included a name and email address.

“The responses all support closing the road to through traffic, but would also like a ban on cycling too. This is not something we would want to do, or practically could do in Garden Walk.”

The council will go ahead with the car ban on Garden Walk but will not be closing it to cyclists. It has however planted trees at each end of the newly pedestrianised stretch of road to prevent bikes from going too fast.

It is the latest tussle for cyclists over attempts to ban them from UK roads which have sparked outrage.

A proposed ban to prohibit cyclists from travelling down a 15-mile stretch of A-road in Hull was this week deemed “deeply concerning” by British Cycling.

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