Legal challenge fails to block controversial council estate regeneration | London

A legal challenge aimed at blocking one of London’s most controversial council estate regeneration schemes today failed.

Lawyers for a residents’ group claimed the ‘Haringey Development Vehicle’ was illegal because the council failed to carry out a proper consultation.

They also argued the partnership with developer Lend Lease should have been approvedby the entire council, not just the cabinet.

But their application for a judicial review was rejected by a High Court Judge.

The Haringey Development Vehicle (HDV) has led to a toxic row in the council’s ruling Labour group amid allegations of a left-wing purge.

Council leader Claire Kober is quitting in May after accusing left-wingers of sexism and bullying. Other councillors have have been deselected.

We welcome the courts’ findings which very clearly states that permission to proceed with the claim for judicial review is refused on all grounds. The partnership will enable us to build 6,400 new homes and created thousands of new jobs as well as delivering a wide-ranging community projects.’


Opponents are pinning their hopes on a change of leadership in the council following May’s London-wide borough elections but they also plan to appeal today’s decision.

It’s partly dead but it’s still flapping around and we want to see it properly dead. Clearly most of the councillors who are likely to be elected from either party have said they’re against it but there is still a window there that we want to close.


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