Polar air from beyond Iceland sees temperatures plummet | London

Polar air from beyond Greenland and Iceland has seen temperatures plummet across the south east.

As the UK braces itself for more wintry conditions, the Met Office has issued a second yellow weather warning for snow and ice.

The alert for London and South East England warns clearing skies in the west in the early hours of Friday will allow a rapid fall in temperature, causing ice to form on untreated surfaces.

Over a few days we have been getting weather that is generally coming from northern parts, with some weather coming from Canada.

At the moment it is called a Polar Maritime Air Mass which is coming from beyond Iceland and Greenland. So that is bringing in the cold air.

– Martin Bowles, Met Office

Source : http://www.itv.com/news/london/2018-02-08/polar-air-from-beyond-iceland-sees-temperatures-plummet/