London Tube passenger demanded blind man and guide dog move out of the way on escalator | London

An angry commuter demanded a blind man move his guide dog out of the way on a Tube escalator.

Amit Patel, 37, who became blind five years ago from a haemorrhage behind his eyes, was confronted by the angry middle-aged commuter on an escalator at London Bridge on Tuesday.

Footage from a camera mounted on the Patel’s guide dog’s collar captured the scenes including when a TfL worker defended the man.

Mr Patel, who was a doctor until he lost his sight, was standing on the escalator with guide dog Kika on his left hand side when the man confronted the pair, angrily accusing them of blocking his way and wasting his time.

Mr Patel was being led down the escalator leading to the Northern Line when the incident occurred.

Londoners have been quick to show support for Patel and their dismay at the rude commuter with a flurry of posts on social media.

Mark Evers, Chief Customer Officer for London Underground also showed support for people with guide dogs, saying: “It is important that customers wait behind anyone travelling with a guide dog on the escalator and not push past, so that customers with guide dogs can travel safely.

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