Lucky escape for street cleaner as block of ice drops from the sky and shatters in Kew | London

A street cleaner was almost hit by a huge ice block which allegedly “fell from a plane”.

Footage starts with the worker bending down to pick litter from the ground, before he is startled by the ice block smashes into the ground making a loud “explosion” of sound – causing him to jump in horror.

Kew Gardens is directly under a flight path to Heathrow and is known to have many aircraft passing overhead every day.

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The area around where the ice fell is known for it’s quaint shops, restaurants and regular food markets with Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, close nearby.

There are around 2.5 million flights a year in UK airspace and approximately 30 ice falls per year are reported to the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). A spokesperson for CAA said: “Although ice does very occasionally fall from aircraft, it can also be the result of meteorological phenomena. We receive around 30 reported ice falls every year, although we are not certain how many of these incidents are the result of ice falling from an aircraft.”

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