Sports stars out in force for new Nike “Nothing Beats A Londoner” advert to inspire the capital’s sport obsessed youth | London

Mo Farah, Harry Kane, Alex Iwobi and Skepta all feature as cameos in Nike’s new advert on how young Londoners use the capital as a playground for sport.

The latest advert from global sportwear brand Nike shows a succession of young people playing sport, each trying to out-do each other on how hard they train. Some of the challenges for the hopefuls include travel, family pressure, the streets themselves and of course, the weather.

A series of household name sports stars have been parachuted into face-paced video to inspire those who train and as a goal to strive for.

Areas such as Dalston, Peckham and Brixton are made larger than life, with dedication and drive proving just as important – if not more so – than pure talent.

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