Stunning images show London’s landmarks through hundreds of tourists’ camera shutters

A photographer has created a series of incredible images by layering hundreds of tourists’ photos of London attractions on top of each other.

The evocative blurred pictures by Bill E Lytton give a sense of the “average tourist photo” in a series of hotspots around the capital.

The London Eye and Houses of Parliament are beautifully rendered in the impressionistic portraits of the iconic landmarks.

A red London phone box is featured, as is Nelson’s Column and the Natural History Museum.

Piccadilly Circus captured by hundreds of people (Bill E Lytton)

Mr Lytton, from Rotherhithe, is a photographer who studied psychology at Goldsmiths.

To make the amazing blurred London scenes he collected hundreds of tourist images before painstakingly superimposing them over each other.

See more of his work on Flickr and Metro Prints.

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