Unexploded German bomb: Airport closed and homes evacuated | London

Officers are assisting with a controlled evacuation of people in this exclusion area. Affected at this stage are parts of Holt Road, Leonard Street, Lord Street, Newland Street, Tate Road, Muir Street and Kennard Street.

Some residents have chosen to remain in their homes and others have made arrangements to stay with friends or family. A rest centre has been opened and Transport for London are ferrying people to it

Work will not start on lifting and removing the device until the initial 214-metre zone is clear. When work starts to remove it, it is expected the exclusion zone will be extended to 250 metres and more properties will need to be evacuated.

The operation is expected to continue until Tuesday morning. Further updates will follow.

Source : http://www.itv.com/news/london/2018-02-12/unexploded-second-world-war-bomb-airport-closed-homes-evacuated/