Sadiq Khan wants to increase council tax to help tackle knife crime and boost police numbers | London

Sadiq Khan will today seek to increase London council tax bills to give Scotland Yard a cash boost.

The Mayor says the move will contribute £49m towards tackling knife crime and ‘boosting officer numbers.’

City Hall’s share of council tax – known as the precept – will rise by 5.1%, adding £14.20 a year to the average household bill.

The Mayor’s budget also includes additional money for the police from business rates and a partial fares freeze on Transport for London services.

The budget is likely to be approved by the London Assembly where the Mayor can rely on Labour members to block any attempt by opposition parties to challenge his financial plans.

The government have repeatedly refused to act on the funding crisis facing police services across Britain so they have left me with no choice but to take the unusual step of increasing police funding from London business rates as well as council tax.


When you add together the drip feed of announcements from the Mayor over the past few weeks – you get a total of £110 million of investment.

The Budget & Performance Committee suggested that he use the flexibility of business rates and council tax income to fund the Met and it’s good to see him doing what the London Assembly asked over four months ago.

The Met can’t just be funded by Government, the Mayor needs to play his role in keeping Londoners safe.

– Gareth Bacon, Chairman of the London Assembly Budget and Performance Committee

Despite the Mayor’s attempts to take credit for finding £110million for the police, the reality is it was central Government that gave him the ability to do so.

The additional revenue came from business rates and new taxing powers deliberately handed to him through a change in Government policy.

Although he constantly claims the Government are stifling funding, in fact the opposite is true. It is Sadiq Khan who has cut local transport infrastructure funding by £37million, as well as abandoning vital tube upgrade work to pay for his partial fares freeze.

Now the police have the additional funding the Mayor had asked for, his list of excuses is running short. I hope now he can focus on stabilising the financial mess at TfL to make sure London receives the investment it needs and deserves from City Hall.

– Gareth Bacon, Conservative London Assembly member

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