London snow sparks excitement across the capital: Londoners tell of their joy at picture-perfect ‘winter wonderland’

Londoners went into a social media frenzy as snow fell in the capital on Monday morning. 

The Met Office issued dozens of weather warnings for snow and ice across the UK – including in London and south east.

Flurries of snow fell in London on Monday morning following a bitterly cold weekend which saw the ‘Beast from the East’ hit the UK. 

Londoner Nick Pettigrew wrote: “I don’t think the [twelve-year-old] me that loves the snow has ever gone away. I know, the train delays etc. but it’s SO PRETTY.”

Meanwhile @Pandamoanimum wrote: “Had [eight] flakes of snow so I’m off to Tesco to buy 52 loaves of bread and 94 pints of milk.” 

Benjamin Cohen, CEO of Pink News, wrote: “Does anyone else get a momentary experience of joy when they look out of the window and see snow before they remember they are now an adult and it will make getting around to meetings harder and colder?” 

Prolific Twitter commentator @TechnicallyRon wrote, in a somewhat hyperbolic tweet: “It is snowing in London. No other weather is important. 

“Ubers are now just a staffie with a sled attached. Gangs of rogue snowmen roam self imposed ‘snow go zones’. The new currency is warmth. Help us.” 

Another person said London had been transformed into a winter wonderland. Brad Hancock wrote online: “The Southbank has turned into a winter wonderland with its own snow beach.”

Kate Hewson shared this piece of parental wisdom: 

Meanwhile Mayor of London Sadiq Khan advised his followers to “wrap up warm” on Twitter. 

He wrote: “Snow [and] icy weather is forecast today. [TfL] and @LondonCouncils have been working all weekend to make sure London is prepared. Don’t forget to wrap up warm…”

Public Health England issued a fresh health warning advising people to keep indoor temperatures to a minimum of 18C. 

Transport for London (TfL) warned passengers to check ahead of their journeys as disruptions were possible on Underground and Overground services due to the low temperatures forecast.

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