Pensioner accidentally leaves $10,000 cash inside donated purse | London

A charity shop worker brought a smile to a pensioner’s face when she tracked her down to hand over $10,000 of cash hidden inside a donated purse being sold for £10.

The stack of $100 bills, worth about £7,000, was found in the lining of the purse which was given to the charity shop for sale.

Sophie Condren, the assistant manager of the Shelter boutique in Hampstead, north London, found the huge stack of cash while cleaning out the purse – which was set to go on sale for just £10.

The 23-year-old is more used to discovering dirty tissues and two pence coins.

Sophie then tracked down the former owner of the purse, through a Gift Aid form she had signed, and reunited her with her savings.

The cash was found on February 13th, but the lady got the life-changing call the following day – on Valentine’s Day.

The donor, who wished to remain anonymous, was a woman in her 70s who had not realised what was in the bag – because she thought somebody had stolen her money.

The Shelter boutique donates all proceeds supporting the work of the UK homelessness and housing charity, Shelter.

The shop was designed in 2016 by Wayne Hemingway, as part of a project to celebrate the charity’s 50th anniversary.

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