Schoolchildren banned from touching snow over health and safety fears | London

A headteacher from a school in Dagenham has banned his pupils from touching snow on health and safety grounds.

Ges Smith appeared on Good Morning Britain to defend his blanket ban at Jo Richardson community school, saying he would not risk injuries to students.

The problem is it only takes one student, one piece of grit, one stone in a snowball in an eye with an injury and we change our view.

We’ve got a duty of care. We have simple rules. Don’t touch the snow. If you don’t touch the snow you’re not going to throw it.

If you’re soaking wet, your hands, you’re cold, you’ve been involved in a fight. If the last thing you do before you go into school is have a snowball in your face you’re not ready to learn.

– Ges Smith, Headteacher

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