A dynamic new look unveiled for the Evening Standard

London changes fast — and the Evening Standard always changes with it.

It’s almost 200 years since our paper first hit the streets, in May 1827, and we’ve been keeping the world’s most exciting city informed and entertained ever since.

Today the newspaper has a new look and new features to match our dynamic, diverse and successful capital.

There’s a fresh and specially designed typeface — called Standard, of course — and a new style to our front page with Eros in red in our new-look masthead.

Our new sections also have distinctive colours to help readers get straight to the things you enjoy. Don’t miss the five-page travel section in today’s paper.

The sharpest business news from the world’s business capital can be found on the pink pages in their permanent new home.

The Londoner is our diary, with access to the best parties in town and all the gossip and A-List brings the latest celebrity happenings.

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We want your views too, on our new The Reader page — and every day one of our editors will reply because the Evening Standard is the home of sharp debate.

There’s a fresh look to the TV pages. Keep an eye out too for our new daily cartoon strip, London Calling, on our expanded puzzles pages, which have a new Tube game.

We hope you like the look — and we’re as proud as ever to be part of our readers’ lives.

Source : https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/a-dynamic-new-look-unveiled-for-the-evening-standard-a3787896.html