Could you give a pig a home? Four larger than life sows need somewhere to go after 1,000 days in care | London

The RSPCA is searching for ideal homes for four large pigs after being in care for more than 1,000 days.

Penelope only has one ear after being picked on by other pigs before she was rescued as she tried to defend her babies.

They are so fun to watch and care for, particularly when they are given tasty treats such as frozen watermelon or buckets of fruit. They also love to be brushed with oil and wallow about in their water baths.
They really do have wonderful characters, and in fact, they once managed to cheekily pull down the fabric canopy we put up to give them shade, and started playing a great game of tug of war. It was a job for us to prise it from them.

– Lisa Obertelli, Animal care assistant

If you think you could offer Penelope, Charlotte, Peppa and Babe a home please contact the team at Southridge on 0300 123 0704.

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