Would you buy a half-smoked cigar butt stubbed out by Sir Winston Churchill? | London

A half-smoked cigar butt which was stubbed out by Sir Winston Churchill is expected to fetch £700 at auction.

The butt was found wrapped up in an old shoebox after being handed to police officer Bill Wood as a souvenir in the 1905s.

The officer was given it as a gift while he checked in at Churchill’s Chartwell country home near Westerham, Kent, during his second stint as Prime Minister.

Mr Wood kept the butt in a small plastic bag, and it was passed down his son Mike, 74, following his death in 1971.

The architect had forgotten about its existence until watching The Darkest Hour, starring Gary Oldman, earlier this year.

The butt is now set to be sold at Hanson’s Auctioneers on March 27 with an estimate of between £500 and £700.

Source : http://www.itv.com/news/london/2018-03-13/would-you-buy-a-half-smoked-cigar-butt-stubbed-out-by-sir-winston-churchill/