London snow: Londoners exasperated as ‘Beast from the East 2.0’ puts Spring back on hold

Exasperated Londoners vented their frustration as Spring was put on hold again when snow began to fall in the capital. 

Snow fell across London and the south-east on Saturday morning as a cold snap dubbed the “mini beast from the east” sent temperatures plummeting to below zero.

It followed balmy conditions in London on Thursday and Friday with temperatures at around 13C and bright sunshine. 

Storm Emma and the original Beast from the East, which was caused by an earlier blast of Siberian air, dumped the heaviest snow across London and the south-east in March for years.

Scores of people expressed their disappointment as the cold weather returned and said they were “fed up of snow” and desperate for Spring to arrive.  

Shelter chief executive Polly Neate tweeted: “I had thought the season of spoiled Saturday bike rides was over. But no. I know my level of disappointment at this snow is ridiculous but I am very very fed up.

Hannah Gerrard wrote: “As much as I love snow, I am so fed up of it now, I want the sunshine.”

Another woman named Bethany said: “Seriously, I’m fed up of snow, I have places to be after this weekend, please don’t stop me from going out.”

Carrie-Anne Porter wrote: “Is that snow, looks like snow, must be snow. I hate snow.”

Hannah Bloom tweeted: “Can it be summer already? I’m so fed up of snow,” while another woman simply said: “I f****** hate snow.”

Craig Favager added: “Fed up of this weather now. It’s just snow good for playing football in.” Stella accused Winter of dragging its feet and said: “Be gone already. #Snow #WhereIsSpring.”

Others were worried that the cold snap would scupper their travel plans.

“Watching the snow and hoping our flight to Dubai from Heathrow tomorrow isn’t cancelled,” one woman wrote.

More than 100 flights to or from Heathrow Airport on Saturday had been cancelled, mostly on short-haul routes although British Airways services to New York and Chicago were among those affected.

Drivers have also been urged to be prepared before setting out on journeys this weekend, with Highways England advising motorists to avoid trans-Pennine roads “if possible”.

Forecasters said much of eastern England and Scotland had also seen a smattering of the white stuff during the night, with the snowfall moving westwards towards the Midlands and Wales.

Most places are likely to see some wintry showers by the end of the day, with gusty winds bringing bitterly cold temperatures.

An amber weather warning for snow and ice is in place across north-west England, Yorkshire and the Midlands, as well as in London, the South East, and east of England, from 4pm on Saturday until 9am on Sunday.

And a yellow warning for snow and ice in force for the entire day covers nearly the whole of Britain. Temperatures are set to return to normal for time of year by Tuesday.

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