Westminster attack hero MP Tobias Ellwood breaks down as he relives describing horror to his son

The MP who rushed to save murdered Pc Keith Palmer broke down in a live interview as he recollected trying to explain the tragic event to his son.

Tobias Ellwood was in Parliament when terrorist Khalid Masood stormed the gates of the Palace of Westminster and launched a fatal knife attack on Pc Palmer.

The politician, who has medical and military training, ran towards the scene of the attack in a desperate bid to help the wounded police officer but medics were not able to save him.

Mr Ellwood broke down in a live interview on Thursday – a year on from the attack – as he relived the moment he tried to rationalise the horror to his son.

Emotional: Tobias Ellwood broke down during the BBC Breakfast interview

“The other reflection and vivid image I have is returning home after what had happened and finding my son on the top of the stairs,” he said in a BBC interview. 

He said “he was in tears and he was just on his own…” before his voice cracked and he trailed off.

Tragic: He struggled to contain his tears as he described the aftermath of the event

An emotional Mr Ellwood went on: “I sat next to him and he just asked ‘why’?

“He couldn’t understand why I had stepped forward, why someone had been killed, why someone was yielding a knife in a place that he had visited so many times.

Caught up in the attack: Tobias Ellwood MP tries to save PC Keith Palmer outside the Palace of Westminster (Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire)

“And all I could offer him was that there are some bad people in the world but there are good people and it is the good people who win.”

In the interview, the Defence Minister said the UK is going through a “dark chapter” facing the terrorist threat and paid tribute to the police for their work in a country “that seems to be getting more dangerous and more volatile”.

Bloodied: Pictures of Mr Ellwood looking devastated emerged after the attack (PA)

Mr Ellwood, who has lobbied within government for extra funding for the armed forces, said: “These attacks will continue unless we step forward and actually participate, become more pro-active in dealing with what is a very changing and dark chapter that we are enduring.”

Mr Ellwood, who had been walking through the Palace of Westminster at the time of the attack, praised the work of the police on duty that day: “They were the ones that were defending Parliament and us, huge tribute to them.

“They get up every day, they don’t know how their day is going to unfold. They are the heroes.”

Source : https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/westminster-attack-hero-tobias-ellwood-breaks-down-as-he-relives-describing-horror-to-his-son-a3796096.html