Man claimed wooden first floor extension was a ‘caravan’ in bid to bypass planning laws

A man who claimed a first floor extension on his south London home was a caravan to bypass planning laws has been ordered to knock it down. 

Trevor Hadjimina started to build the timber structure on his house in Peckham in May last year without applying for planning permission.

The local council applied for an injunction in the High Court in a bid to block him from completing the project.

Mr Hadjimina told a hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice that the extension was a caravan and therefore did not need planning permission to build.

The resident was ordered to knock down what he had already built after a judge ruled he breached planning rules (Southwark Council)

But the judge dismissed the claim and ruled he breached planning rules. 

Mr Hadjimina was given two months to remove the unfinished extension following the judge’s ruling on March 16.

Southwark Council said the timber structure is only the latest in a “long line” of planning breaches carried out at the property in Relf Road.

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“Previous breaches included the raising of walls that the council had previously reduced in height following an enforcement notice in 2012, and the erection of a timber and Perspex shelter to the side of the property in May 2017,” a spokeswoman for the local authority said.

She added: “It is essential that anyone wanting to make improvements or additions to their property goes through the right channels so we can ensure the work is safe and does not have a negative impact on the area and neighbouring properties. 

“Our planning enforcement team will take appropriate action against anyone who is seen to be flouting the rules.”

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