Lottery winner who scooped £9 million thought he’d only won £9,000 | London

A lifelong football fan has scooped over £9million on the lottery after buying a lucky dip when his team stormed to a 3-0 victory.

Paul Long, 55, felt his luck was in when his beloved Leighton Orient secured a home win against Woking.

He bought a £2 online ticket for the Lotto draw that evening – only to match all six numbers and win the £9,339,858 jackpot.

I try to go to most home games and this was our first win since before Christmas so I was feeling pretty chuffed, not half as chuffed as I’m feeling now.
When I saw the email on Sunday morning from Camelot I thought it would be a few quid but when I logged into my account the account balance was still £3.90.

Then I saw another message which I thought was congratulating me on a £9,000 win and to call the number on the screen.

When I called I think I must have misheard the lady on the line because she congratulated me on a jackpot win and while she confirmed a £9 million win, I think I must have still been in denial as I still thought it was £9,000.

I was well happy and thought that would ease things as I started the job hunt.

– Paul Long, lottery winner

After calling his friend to tell him about his win, his friend assured him it was in fact £9 million, not £9,000.

I have to admit it’s been a crazy few days and it’s only been in the last 24 hours that I have dared to believe it’s real.
But now that it’s starting to sink in I’m able to do a little shopping and make some exciting plans for the future.

– Paul Long, lottery winner

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