‘You’re going to rot in hell,’ mum tells drink driver who ploughed into son and his friends in Hayes

The mother of a teenager who died when a drunk driver careered off the road fought back tears as she told the killer today: “You are going to rot in hell”.

Jaynesh Chudasama, 28, lost control of his Audi A5 as he attempted an overtaking manoeuvre, ploughing into victims Harry Louis Rice, 16, George Wilkinson, 16, and Josh McGuinness, 17.

The boys, who were walking home from a friend’s 16th birthday party, died at the scene, in Hayes on January 26, as Chudasama tried to run away.

However he was pinned down by friends of the boys on the forecourt of a nearby Esso garage before he could escape.

Crowds of mourners left flowers close to the bus stop (NIGEL HOWARD ©)

At the Old Bailey this morning, Tracy Blackwell, Josh’s mother, told the court: “He took my beautiful son away in circumstances I can only describe as murder.”

She said: “We have been robbed of our lives, Josh’s death has left me feeling vulnerable and so broken as a mother. Most of all I feel sorry for Josh that this has happened to him, he had a life and he had a future. Without him I’m none.”

She said Chudasama “knowingly chose to get into the car drunk” and had “chosen to hit our children at that speed, and murder our boys who were walking on the pavement where they should have been safe.

“Instead of trying to help children he injured, he chose to run away.”

Wrecked: the Audi after the crash in west London which left three teenagers dead (PA)

Ms Blackwell told the judge she did not want to cry in front of the killer, adding that she refused to believe he is sorry. As she left the witness box, she turned to Chudasama and said: “You are going to rot in hell”.

Prosecutor Crispin Aylett QC told the court the motorist who Chudasama overtook moments before the crash, in Shepiston Lane, Hayes, described him as “driving like a bat out of hell”.

“In the course of overtaking another vehicle the defendant, who had been drinking, lost control of his car”, he said.

“The vehicle struck and fatally injured three boys who were walking along the pavement.”

Hayes crash: One of the victims has been named locally as Harry Rice (Facebook)

The court has heard Chudasama was around two-and-a-half times the drink drive limit at the time.

He pleaded guilty last month to three charges of causing death by dangerous driving, and is due to be sentenced by Judge Wendy Joseph QC later today.

Sarah Baker, George’s mother, tearfully told the court: “The last words he said to me on that devastating night was ‘bye mum, I love you’.

“It breaks my heart he won’t give me that cuddle, or laugh and joke again.”

Floral tributes and messages were left at the scene (NIGEL HOWARD ©)

She said her family now has a “massive hole”, and she may consider postponing her upcoming wedding because her son will not be there.

George’s step-mother, Stacey Wilkinson, said she struggled to explain to her children how and why he had died, but told them: “When the man decided to get behind the wheel, he had our beautiful boy’s fate in his hands.

“That man has crushed our whole world and brought us so much pain.”

Ian Rice, Harry’s father, told the court his son was a semi-professional footballer but has been robbed of his dream of pursuing a career in the sport.

“Our extended family are all finding it hard to make sense of what has occurred. This needless loss of three young beautiful friends lives has caused us heartache that we will take to our graves”, he said. 

George, an apprentice electrician, Joshua, a labourer and Harry, were old school friends who had attended Harefield Academy in Uxbridge.

Chudasama sat with his head bowed in the dock as the victim impact statements were read to the court.

He will be sentenced to a lengthy jail sentence later.

Source : https://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/youre-going-to-rot-in-hell-mum-tells-drink-driver-who-ploughed-into-son-and-his-friends-in-hayes-a3801681.html