How Much Of London Do You Recognise In These Newly-Released Historic Photos?

Sunbathing in Holborn from 1955

Historic photos of London life have been released to the public thanks to a team up between Ancestry UK and Getty Images. The collections is humongous — there are 40,000 images from all over the UK.

The massive image library is searchable on Ancestry’s website, and aims to be an resource for both family researchers and photography enthusiasts.

Lunching with a view in 1934

Take a look at a sample of the images, which include everything from sunbathing to a rather busy Downing Street.

The League of Remembrance, a voluntary service which worked in hospitals, receives a surprise delivery of 1,000 herrings from Yarmouth in 1934.The Mall is packed the day before 1953’s coronation.The recently introduced river taxi service zooms past the Houses of Parliament.Downing Street didn’t use to be so exclusive. Back in 1939 anyone could saunter up for a glimpse of the Prime Minister.Beefeater tells tourists the history of the Tower of London in 1972.Prints are also included in the collection. Here’s one of St Paul’s from 1809 as the Lord Mayor’s Show passes by in the foreground.

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