Jeremy Corbyn warns against ‘large amount of stop and search’ to combat violent crime epidemic | London

Jeremy Corbyn today warned against a ‘large amount of stop and search’ to combat London’s violent crime epidemic.

The Labour leader said the controversial police tactic could be ‘counter productive’ and risked alienating communities.

Mr Corbyn echoed Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott who said stop and search had poisoned community relations.

London mayor Sadiq Khan announced a significant increase in stop and search by the Metropolitan Police in January.

The number of murder victims in London this year rose to 48 following the death of a 16-year-old boy in Walthamstow. Amaan Shakoor was shot in the face outside a leisure centre on Sunday.

Where there is credible evidence of a reason to stop and search somebody, that’s fair enough.

But what is not good for community relations, doesn’t actually solve crime, is a large amount of stop and search against particular communities, against muslim youth, against black youth which actually alienates a lot of people.

When you get to routine stop and search on large numbers of people that can actually be counter-productive.


Mr Corbyn admitted he had not discussed the recent spike in gun and knife violence with the mayor.

I’m seeing him in a couple of days time. I talk to the mayor quite a lot actually, we get on very well.


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