Mother’s desperate plea to find little girl’s toy bunny missing on the Tube sparks nationwide Twitter hunt

A little girl lost a toy bunny that she has had since birth on the Tube sparking a huge social media search. 

Five-year-old Sophia took her “beloved” stuffed animal Rabbit on a family outing to the capital earlier this week but the toy was sadly misplaced on the way home.

Her mother Gemma Broxup posted a desperate plea on Twitter calling for help to find the cuddly toy as Sophia was left “distraught” by its loss.

And her appeal has since gone viral, with the post retweeted by thousands including Nigella Lawson and Sue Perkins.

“C’mon, let’s find that bunny,” the former Bake Off co-host urged.

Rabbit went missing on Tuesday between 8pm and 9pm on either the Jubilee or Central line, Ms Broxup wrote in a tweet.

She told the family had been visiting London as a treat before Sophia turned six next week.

“She broke down in tears when we got off the Tube in Covent Garden realising she didn’t have him,” Ms Broxup said.

She added that Rabbit was a gift when Sophia when born.

The five-year-old sleeps with the cuddly toy every night and he has been in hospital with her when she had scarlet fever, the news outlet reported.

Transport for London responded to Ms Broxup’s tweet for help by directing her log an enquiry on their online lost property page.

Meanwhile, the post received overwhelming support from people online who shared the post and told tales of their own lost stuffed animals.

Inspector Andy Stuart wrote: “Come on Londoners. Let’s find it.”

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While Clea Bean said: “My daughter had a special teddy. He was lost many times.

“Once for almost two months, he was found in a snow bank. Once, the person who found him posted in the local paper.

“I am sorry for the anxiety and pain your child must be experiencing. She’s ten, and he’s still family.”

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