Snap survey: Should police stop and search more people for weapons? | London

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Mothers in London communities are frightened their children will not return home after they say goodbye to them in the morning, according to Diane Abbott.

The Hackney MP and shadow home secretary described violence on the capital’s streets as “deeply traumatising” as she suggested lessons be learned from how Scotland reduced knife crime.

Ms Abbott also advised against the use of random stop and search tactics as it has “poisoned relationships” between the police and community, adding an evidence-based approach is an “important weapon against all types of crime”.

When asked if strained relations between police and the community over stop and search would be a price worth paying to tackle violent crime, Ms Abbott said:

It would be a price worth paying if we knew it would lead to a drop in knife crime and gun crime.

But the truth is when stop and search was at full throttle, the main thing they found was small quantities of drugs for personal use.

Just one thing to say – I live in the inner city, I’ve always lived in the inner city.

Many of these incidents have taken place in Hackney, Walthamstow, Tottenham, and it’s deeply traumatising for communities and very frightening for mothers who feel they say goodbye to their son or daughter in the morning and they may not come back.

– Diane Abbott, Labour, Hackney North and Stoke Newington, speaking to ‘Today’, BBC Radio 4

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