Police reward after man is murdered with fatal punch in Trafalgar Square | London

Police are offering a £20,000 reward after a man was fatally attacked in Trafalgar Square.

Desmond O’Beirne was beaten so badly in the unprovoked attack last summer that he ended up in a vegetative state, and passed away six months later.

The 51-year-old, from Westminster, was attacked outside the National Portrait Gallery as he walked across Trafalgar Square in June 3.

He was punched from behind to the ground by one attacker before being kicked by another man.

Desmond was so badly injured that he never regained consciousness, and passed away in hospital just before Christmas.

As part of their appeal Desmond’s family asked that CCTV of the attack was released to help find those responsible.

My brother Desmond was hard working and larger than life.

He was on a night out in Trafalgar Square when he was brutally and viciously attacked by two cowards who then calmly walked away and left him for dead.

As a direct result of this attack he suffered a traumatic brain injury and was left in a vegetative state.

Desmond’s life was ended far too soon and our family is left devastated by his loss.

Unfortunately for Desmond, his attack happened less than 24 hours before the London Bridge/Borough Market terrorist attacks and I feel that possible witnesses may have focused their attentions on those events.

I am appealing to members of the public who may have been in the Trafalgar Square area on the night and witnessed this assault to come forward to the police.

I am trying to get justice for Desmond, his two attackers were very distinctive and part of a larger group.

I hope that witnesses and those from that group who did not know how serious the attack was will now come forward.

– Vivienne Folan, sister

A reward of £20,000 is available to anyone providing vital information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the people responsible for the murder.

Someone might see this video and remember that they witnessed this incident; you will see a female who is clearly shocked by what has happened and holds her hands up to her face.

You may have been part of the group and did not realise how seriously Desmond was hurt and that he has now died.

That may pray on your mind.

You can contact us and help us get justice. Desmond was an inoffensive man, a big man and character, who was out having a drink.

The CCTV shows that he was senselessly attacked and he never stood a chance.

The events of Desmond’s attack precede the London Bridge Terrorists attacks which were in the following evening.

So while there is a passage of time, people will remember where they were in London, and could remember this incident.

– Detective Chief Inspector Noel McHugh, Met Police

Police say the first suspect had a top-knot hair style, full beard, red t-shirt, dark trousers and light colour shoes.

The second attacker was wearing a black jacket with a white emblem on right shoulder and white writing with a picture on the rear.

Source : http://www.itv.com/news/london/2018-04-09/police-reward-after-man-is-murdered-with-fatal-punch-in-trafalgar-square/