Network Rail takes over Clapham Junction station ahead of upgrade – IanVisits

Network Rail has taken over the operations at Clapham Junction from South Western Railway which had been running the station.

Although most railway stations are managed by the train operators, some of the major terminus stations are managed directly by Network Rail, including now Clapham Junction.

The reason for the takeover is to enable Network Rail to prepare for an upgrade of the incredibly busy station.

Network Rail says that it is developing options to relieve congestion in the short term and investigating the feasibility of a more significant station redevelopment in the longer-term.

Network Rail will manage the redevelopment project because the potential work would be on such a scale that it may extend beyond the life of South Western Railway’s franchise, from 2017 to 2024.

Although the station is the 10th busiest in London overall, it is the busiest for people swapping between trains, using the often overcrowded footbridge and tunnel.

Network Rail also took over Guildford, where a slightly controversial upgrade plan is currently underway.

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