UK weather forecast latest: London set to be hotter than Portugal this weekend with highs of 21C

London is set to be hotter than Portugal this weekend but sun worshippers should also braced for thunderstorms.

Temperatures will soar as high as 21C in the capital on Saturday with the sunniest spots likely to be St James’s Park and Kew Gardens, Met Office meteorologist Sarah Kent said.

The mercury will hit highs above those expected on Portugal’s south coast where it is expected to be around 17C.

But Ms Kent told the Standard that if temperatures do hit the highest predicted figures those enjoying the warmer temperatures should also pack an umbrella.

The Met Office said the rest of the UK will be “generally warmer over the weekend with sunshine and scattered heavy showers.”

Grand National Weather Forecast, April 11

She said: “It is going to be hotter than it has been at the weekend but as the temperatures rise we see an increase of home-grown showers caused by the sunshine.

“We also see a risk of thunder storms as it gets warmer.”

Temperatures are likely to stay around 20C on Sunday with more sunshine expected, the meteorologist added.

Sunrise during London heatwave – in pictures


The view from Primrose Hill over the City of London


The sun emerges from behind a church this morning, taken from Primrose Hill


The bank of the River Thames on the South Bank at sunrise


The sun glows pink as it rises over St Paul’s Cathedral

Jeremy Selwyn


Pink and lilac colours over the City

Jeremy Selwyn


The sunrise is reflected in a building on the Embankment as a runner passes

Jeremy Selwyn


The sky turns blue over the Beach Fun Fair at Brent Cross



Sunrise over the Thames at Limehouse

A risk of showers remains but downpours are expected to be lighter than on Saturday.

The warm weekend follows a “drizzly” and “grey” end to the week with temperatures reaching highs of 17C on Thursday and Friday.

Heavy downpours are expected around 4pm on Thursday afternoon and may set in overnight. 

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The rest of the UK is set to see warm weather develop, Ms Kent added but it will remain cooler in Scotland and the north than in the south.

Maximum temperatures are expected to reach the low teens, she said.

London Heatwave September 2016


At midnight last night, the temperature was 19C

Lucy Young


A couple sits in the shade of a tree in Hyde Park

Lucy Young


Londoners take advantage of the unseasonably warm weather in Hyde Park

Lucy Young


Two sun-seekers relax on deckchairs in Hyde Park

Lucy Young


A jogger braves the heat for a workout in Hyde Park

Lucy Young


The hot weather brought a boost to London’s pubs, bars and restaurants

Lucy Young


The hot spell is expected to last to the end of the week

Lucy Young


A Londoner basks in the sunshine on a deckchair in Hyde Park

Alex Lentati


An overheated swan is guided back to the Serpentine after getting lost in Knightsbridge

Alex Lentati


Samantha Batey enjoys the sunny weather inHyde Park today

Alex Lentati

Spring weather will return across the whole of the UK next week with temperatures in the capital likely to hit 17C between Monday and Wednesday.

Showers are expected to break up sunny spells on Monday and Tuesday.

Elsewhere temperatures will creep up to around 16C with heavy downpours expected in the west.

London Marathon hopefuls look set to face warm temperatures and scattered showers as they prepare to take on the 26.2 mile run on April 22.

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