War of the posies: Police urged to step in as shrine to stabbed burglar Henry Vincent is back up for FOURTH time

Police were today urged to step into the “war of the posies” battle over a street shrine to the burglar stabbed to death by a pensioner.

Floral tributes to career criminal Henry Vincent were torn down by vigilantes last night for the third time in 48 hours, with neighbours today saying the ongoing dispute has turned their quiet street into a “war zone”.

The makeshift memorial in Hither Green, south-east London, was erected on Monday by members of Vincent’s family apparently including his girlfriend and children.

More than 100 bouquets as well as cards, teddies and balloons have since been repeatedly put up and torn down from the fence in South Park Crescent, where the 37-year-old died in a botched burglary last week.

Shrine to Hither Green burglar is removed by a vigilante for a third time

Police on horseback were seen patrolling the street yesterday afternoon as tensions between Vincent’s family and vigilantes threatened to boil over.

Today a 58-year-old resident, who has lived in the road for 18 years, said: “The flowers have made things worse. They keep going up then taken away. 

Tributes row: A man removes flowers left in Hither Green for stabbed burglar Henry Vincent (Daily Mail)

“Now we are living a war zone in what has always been a quiet street and it needs to stop.

“Police have to be the grown ups and calm things down. It can’t go on.”

Police patrol where Henry Vincent was killed whilst burgling a house in Hither Green, south east London (PA)

One neighbour, who did not give her name for fear of reprisals, said: “This is a quiet community and it’s being ruined.

Henry Vincent was stabbed to death during a struggle with a pensioner during a break-in in Hither Green (EPA)

“The attention is ramping up and its causing vigilantes from outside the area to turn up. We feel under threat and its putting us all in danger.”

The latest attack came last night when a hooded man arrived at 9.30pm and filmed himself ripping nine bouquets from the fence. 

Friends and family of Henry Vincent who was killed whilst burgling a house in Hither Green, south east London last week attach flowers to a fence where he died for a third time (PA)

Minutes earlier, two women had pulled up in a dark BMW and carefully straightened flowers that had been blown upside down by the wind. 

Insisting on anonymity, the man said: “I do feel very strongly about this. I think it’s quite disrespectful actually. I do [feel bad for his family]. But I feel extra for Mr Osborn.” 

When asked what he was going to do with the flowers, he replied: “I’m just going to dump them somewhere.” 

Moment shrine to stabbed burglar is ripped down for third time

Mr Osborn-Brooks was arrested on suspicion of murder and released on bail, but was told on Friday that no action would be taken.

The pensioner’s arrest prompted a public outcry, with an online fundraising campaign gathering thousands of pounds.

Vincent’s alleged accomplice, Billy Jeeves, 28, is being sought over the failed burglary, Scotland Yard said.

A Met spokesman said: “We are maintaining a police presence in and around South Park Crescent to provide reassurance to local residents. The location of floral tributes is not a matter for police.”

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