Machine gun seized during police raids on violent gang | London

A series of police raids in London targeted a notorious and violent gang, with a Skorpion machine gun and ammunition, cash, and suspected class A drugs seized.

200 officers smashed in doors across west London overnight, arresting nine people, including some believed to be senior figures in the lucrative crack cocaine and heroin-dealing outfit, Scotland Yard said.

An alleged drug-running boy, aged 14, arrested at his family home, was among those detained in eight raids in the Northolt, Greenford, Fulham and Brentford areas.

The arrests were connected to the established “MDP” gang, police said, which has been linked with several murders.

Those detained were held over offences such as conspiracy to supply drugs and possession of firearms.

At a house in Dorchester Close, Northolt, young children could be heard crying as dozens of officers flooded inside shouting: “Police”.

Elsewhere, as a police squad crept up to one seemingly empty address in Stephendale Road, Fulham, officers noticed a 30-year-old suspect sitting in a car.

During a search officers found a Skorpion machine pistol along with another handgun, 40 rounds of ammunition, and a kilo of suspected class A drugs, Scotland Yard said.

This is a massive blow to an established gang. What we’ve taken out is probably a line which has been supplying the Earl’s Court and Fulham areas. This gang have been running that line for quite a while and making a lot of money.

These gangs have corrupted children and are using them to ferry drugs. If you look across London these are the kids that are getting involved in violence and stabbings because they are generally on the streets while the suppliers are removed from it, collecting the cash.

– Detective Inspector Driss Hayoukane, Met Police

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