Moment ‘whole of Camden’ cheers on bird catching an eel in Regent’s Canal in bizarre display of Britishness

This is the bizarre moment Londoners were filmed cheering loudly as a bird caught an eel in the Regent’s Canal.

As temperatures in the capital hit peaks of 19.5C on Saturday, people were out in their droves to enjoy what many dubbed “the first sunny day of spring” in London.

Camden Lock was no exception, with a huge crowd of revellers gathered around the waterway to enjoy the sunshine.

But one woman was left confused when the rabble began spurring on the bird – thought to be a cormorant – as it attempted to swallow its supper.

Known on Twitter as saff, the woman shared a clip of the scene, writing:  “The whole of Camden stood and cheered for a duck [sic] that caught an eel. I have never been so confused.”

In the video the bird can be seen grappling the slippery meal, while swimming in the water.

As it attempts to tip the eel into its mouth, the raucous crowd yells shouts of encouragement.

Many are seen peering over the bridge to get a better look.

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The bird was initially thought to be a duck, but people online claimed the animal was a cormorant.

The plucky creature’s efforts were met with praise on Twitter as the post was liked more than 3,000 times.

Chris P Ramsey replied to the video: “It is a cormorant: but fair play, eels ain’t easy.”

Others said the clip was a display of Britishness.

Liv shared the post, writing: “Love this country sometimes.”

While @yazminbeckett said: “This is so British hahahaha.”

And Flo simply said: “I love London.”

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