Heroic rescuers save squirrel from drowning in student toilet

Animal rescue officers have shared adorable picture of a scared squirrel clinging to a mop handle as it rescued from a toilet.

The distressed animal was discovered stuck in the toilet on Sunday by students at their house in Southwark.

The concerned student contacted the RSPCA and Animal Collection Officer Kirstie Gillard attended to help the trapped rodent.

She lowered the mop handle into the loo and the animal grabbed hold of it, allowing Ms Gillard to gently lift it out. 

Rescue: The plucky rodent gripped onto the handle of the mop (RSPCA)

The little squirrel was then cleaned and wrapped in a towel to dry off before being released back into the wild.

It is not entirely clear how the animal came to be inside the toilet but the collection officer believes it may have slipped and got stuck after coming in through the roof.

Snug: After a wuick clean and dry it was ready to be released (RSPCA)

“Fortunately the squirrel wasn’t injured at all and I could release him back into the wild where he belongs,” Ms Gillard said.

“I think he must have come into this house through the roof and slipped into the toilet.

“It was certainly one of the most unusual rescues I’ve ever carried out – I did rescue a bat stuck in the plughole of a sink last year but I think this one takes the crown!”

Source : https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/squirrel-rescued-from-student-toilet-with-mop-after-becoming-stuck-a3840681.html