Hilarious moment topless man trips and slowly slides face-first into the Thames

A hilarious video of a bare-chested man slowly sliding face-first into the River Thames after slipping on some steps has gone viral.

The footage was captured by a group of friends during a team-building exercise in central London on Tuesday.

The group were apparently asked to film a shot of two of them pretending to go swimming on Embankment when the accident befell one of them.

But the shoot doesn’t quite go to plan, leaving one of them soaking wet and the other three in uncontrollable fits of laughter.

The video begins with a man named Neil filming his friend Henry on the banks of the Thames in central London.

Taking in the sunny scene Neil is heard saying “here’s Henry and here we are at the Thames,” as Henry poses obediently.

Neil then swivels round and says: “Then all of a sudden we have now – Oh hold on a minute what’s going on here?”

He then focuses in on two other men pretending to walk down the steps towards the river nonchalantly, stripping down to the waist as they do so.

“There’s two blokes gonna go in…” he begins, but before he can finish one’s foot slips on the mossy steps and he falls down onto his front.

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Almost in slow motion, he slides down on his belly before landing face-down in the murky water at the bottom.

After clumsily splashing about about in the water for a second the man, named James, hoists himself up and sheepishly walks back up the steps.

But not before his friends begin hysterically howling with laughter at his slip up.

“He’s going for a swim,” Neil shouts, between laughs.

James later shared the video on his Twitter, alongside a picture of him soaking wet and covered in what looks like green slime from the less-than-clean river.

“So this happened to me at work today,” he wrote. “I still can’t stop watching and laughing!”

Neil explained: “We was doing a team event where we had to video one of us pretending to swim in the Thames those two went down the steps and James fell.

“We had to play it back to 30 colleagues … I could stop laughing poor git had to go on train underground back to venue.”

The video has been liked and shared thousands of time across social media, with the mishap becoming a viral hit.

But what viewers seem to love the most is Neil’s contagious laugh that can be heard in the background

Even the likes of model Chrissy Teigen replied to the post saying: “This kind of laugh is what life is all about. thank you for giving this gift to everyone lol.”

Source : https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/hilarious-moment-topless-man-trips-and-slowly-slides-facefirst-into-the-thames-a3840466.html