Pervert who faked being doctor to sexually assault pregnant woman at London hospital jailed

A pervert who faked being a doctor to sexually assault a heavily pregnant woman has been jailed for more than six years.

Gregory Boyle, 58, was sentenced to six years and four months in prison on Wednesday for the attack at Princess Royal University Hospital in south-east London, Scotland Yard said.

Police said the victim’s partner, while doing building work at Boyle’s home, told him about a heart condition his wife suffered from.

Boyle claimed to be a cardiologist and offered to give a second opinion.

When the victim, a woman in her 20s, was admitted to hospital, he was taken up on the offer.

Officers said a nurse at the hospital in Farnborough walked in and challenged the man, who had performed a sensitive examination, before calling the General Medical Council to learn he was not a doctor.

Boyle was arrested at the scene in September 2016 before admitting assault by penetration and sexual assault in a case at Croydon Crown Court, a force spokesman said.

The Metropolitan Police’s Detective Constable Paul Hill said: “Boyle targeted a vulnerable, heavily-pregnant woman who was concerned for her health.”

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